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Tiki Retrospective - Don the Beachcomber’s Tiki Makeke

Tiki has been with me since I was young. My mom was an experienced hula dancer and my family made regular trips to the Hawaiian islands. One of my first memories happens to be running out to greet her in the dead of night after a return trip from the big island. In the dark she pulled out what to my young mind looked like a shrunken head. Years later I’d find out it was actually a small carved Hawaiian warrior helmet, but still it sparked something in my young mind that would follow me for years.

Though I always had a special place in my heart for Polynesian Pop, it was little more than a casual interest. I didn’t realize there was a whole ohana in waiting until I went to my first tiki marketplace at Don the Beachcomber’s last December. It was a wonderful experience getting to meet many of the artists and lovers of tiki. Many of whom I’d see again at other events to come.

At the time, it wasn’t public knowledge that Don’s would soon close down their iconic Huntington Beach location just off the PCH. Though now I feel blessed that I got to experience what a Beachcomber holiday feels like.

So make yourself a Zombie, kick back in your finest peacock chair, put on some exotica, and take a trip back with me to the far away time of December 2017 for Don the Beachcomer's Tiki Makeke.

Mele KIalikimaka everyone!


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