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Los Angeles Magazine's Best New Restaurants 2020

Los Angeles Magazine's Best New Restaurants is essential to local foodies. This year’s event proved again that their top choices deserve to be recognized for top quality eats from the rising stars in the culinary community.

Suprisingly most of my favorites this year were meatless. It just goes to show that seemingly unassuming veggies prepared to perfection are paving the way for the public to open up to the diverse quality of vegetarian and vegan options available.

Best Dish: Hippo - Celery Root Traingoli with buttered shallots and chives. Never would I have thought that celery root could make my mouth water, but Hippo made it happen. This paired perfectly with the berry notes found in Hawk and Horse’s tastefully decadent Petite Sirah.

Honorable Mention: Yours Truly - Fingerling Potato Caccio E Pepe with parmesan, pecorino, and black pepper. This tiny potato dish packed a punch that hit straight in the taste buds. I had to go back for seconds!

Best Meat Dish: Freedman’s - Everything Spiced Duck Cigars. I can’t pass up duck or cigars, so this crispy treat was right up my alley. Next time I’d love to try it with a real cigar and an Old Fashioned.

Best Dessert: Bon Temps - Valrhona Bahibe S’mores with oat graham crust, campfire marshmallows, and cacao nib crunch. A "glamping" take on a classic recipe that made me think of summer nights beneath the stars.

Best Cocktail: Maker’s Mark Brown Derby - Maker’s, grapefruit, honey, and lemon. I’m always on the lookout for new bourbon cocktails like this that are both refreshing and bring out the best flavors of the spirit.

Mind blowing new flavors, modern interpretations on classic recipes, and summer vibes in January made this another Los Angeles Magazine's Best New Restaurants I’ll never forget!

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