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Los Angeles Magazine's Best New Restaurants 2022 S&S Highlights

The past few years have certainly taken a toll on us all, but LA's thriving foodie culture remains as strong as ever thanks to collaborative effort seen throughout Los Angeles Magazine's Best New Restaurants annual celebration.

This year's event was hosted by Halo DTLA with featured restaurants: 71 Above, Agnes, Caboco, Hotville Chicken, Guerilla Tacos, Danny Boy's, Saso, Love & Salt, Poppy+Rose, Gusto Green, and Kinkan.

It’s never easy breaking down my personal highlights and this year proved even more difficult as the night was a nonstop showcase of gourmet delights.

Best Dish

Guerrilla Tacos - Scallop Aguachille

Green Tomato Sambal, Pomelo, Corriander Milk

This little green spoonful of heaven bursts with flavors balanced by the choice of fresh scallop, citrus, and chilies.

Best Pairing


Crab Claw and blue noodles made with butterfly pea flower noodles

Dassai Sake

Chilled Junmai Daiginjo polished rice grain sake

Kinkan’s edible work of art was crafted with delicate precision and enhanced by the elegant sweetness from the sake brewed in the Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Best Cocktail

Santa Teresa 1796 Solera Rum

Sipping it straight reveals a complex earthy blend of nuts, chocolate, and cinnamon. It's already a treat on its own, but this is a very versatile rum that can mix into classic cocktails or your own creations.

Santa Terresa's Jungle Bird 1 ½ oz Santa Teresa 1796 Rum

¾ oz Aperol

1 ½ oz fresh pineapple juice

½ oz fresh lime juice

¾ simple syrup

Pour all ingredients into a shaker. Shake vigorously with ice. Fine-strain and pour over fresh ice in a Collins glass. Garnish with an orange slice.

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