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Los Angeles Magazine - The Food Event 2018 in Malibu

The experience of where you have a meal is an added mental spice that makes food even more memorable. Dining in the beautiful coastal hills of southern California and meeting the talented chefs behind the freshly made meals helps solidify each tasty offering in a way that normal dining rituals can’t match. That’s what makes Los Angeles Magazine’s annual The Food Event such a special occasion.

The 2018 event took place on Sunday on the grounds of Saddlerock Ranch. It’s a gorgeous venue worth visiting - even just to take a tour of the vineyard in the heart of the Malibu hills. This was a great opportunity to take a deep dive into the Malibu Family Wines. My favorite discovery was the 2016 Saddle Rock Grenache Blanc, which featured hints of pear, pineapple and a refreshingly tart finish.

The wine was a great way to open my senses to the culinary journey I was about to embark on. I could go on and on about each of the perfectly crafted culinary delights, but here are just a few highlights and personal favorites:

The two meat dishes that had me going back for seconds came from 6th and La Brea with their juicy braised short rib and Gabi James LA’s impeccable turkey aboldingas.

There were plenty of fish in the seafood category, but Salazar’s fresh ceviche was the perfect seaside dish.

It’s hard for me to pass up comfort food - especially when it’s gourmet. Granville’s Uptown Mac and Cheese had me at gruyere, and Sotto’s pepperoni pizza warmed my belly to the core with its slightly sweet (in a good way) flaky crust.

One of the aspects that I really enjoyed about this year’s event was the fresh mix of tropical flavors. A few vendors had their own drinks featuring Brazilian cachaca, but Dama’s Batida de Banana was the tastiest drink of the evening followed by the Courvoisier VS Punch. I also have to mention the delicious tiki rum cake from Ronan. It’s great to see a little tiki culture represented, especially in places you’d least suspect.

If you aren’t already a foodie, Los Angeles Magazine’s annual Food Event will turn you into one in a matter of hours. If you’re already a foodie, then this event should be a can’t miss occasion every year.

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