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The Los Angeles Rum Festival 2022

Los Angeles finally has a rum festival!

Previously known as The California Rum Festival, the annual gathering only took place in San Francisco. That’s no longer the case. LA and Seattle have been added to the lineup (though it was still worth the past trips for me up to the bay area).

The inaugural Los Angeles Rum Festival kicked off at the Majestic Ballroom in DTLA. For a new attendee, it may have looked a little intimidating with so many bottles of different rums. However, each of the brand representatives demonstrated their passion for telling the story of each bottle to help guide all who came.

A Few Highlights:

Kuleana Rum Works - born on the island of Hawai’i in 2013, the distiller’s commitment to creating a quality rum is evident with the very first sip of their exquisite rum agricole (aka rum distilled from sugarcane juice).

Tanduay - “undeniably world-class” is an understatement for the amazing variety of rums out of this Filipino distillery. I can say that I don’t always drink spiced rum, but when I do, it’s Tanduay Especia.

Boukman - the gorgeous Haitian bottle isn’t just for show. It contains one of the most unique rhums on the market. A delightful botanical blend suited perfectly for a daiquiri or Ti’Punch.

Grander Islay Peat - the tastiest of their barrel series and the closest you can get to a rummy Ardbeg single malt scotch.

There were plenty of options for coffee lovers as well. The best solo sipper was undeniably Ron Colon Salvadoreno’s Coffee Infused Rum. If you’re in a mixing mood, I suggest pouring together Marigot Bay’s Chocolate Coffee and Peanut Rum Creams or even Bonampak Coffee Rum with Deadhead Dark Chocolate.

Non-booze Honorable Mention - Fever Tree Distillers Cola

This event is the chance to expand your knowledge of the spirit. This is the place to discover the rich history, current climate, and future trends that are guiding one of the most versatile spirits of the world!

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